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Havana restaurant reviews, customer comments on the food, presentation, atmosphere, service and selection. We are developing a Havana restaurant and paladar directory sorted by location and by overall quality of the restaurant or paladar.

For now, Cuba Restaurants Guide is a good place to start along with the Food category in the Havana Journal Culture Directory and the Cuba Entertainment Forum.

The Cuban Food Market is the place to buy Cuban food you can prepare at home.

Until Americans can easily visit Havana restaurants, check out Taste of Cuba for a directory of Cuban restaurants in the US.

Havana Culinary and Culture is devoted to organizing programs to promote cultural and educational exchange and people-to-people contact between the people of the United States and Cuba.

As we develop this site, we suggest reading Trip Advisor's reviews of restaurants in Cuba or Havana restaurant reviews by Lonely Planet in order to prepare yourself for a very large selection of choices.

Habaguanex is a Cuban government run tourism company founded in 1994 by the Havana Historian’s office and is located in Old Havana.

The company operates twenty hotels and 25 restaurants with more than 3000 seats in Havana.

Lonely Planet members rank the top ten restaurants in Cuba. Even though paladares are on the list, it is just semantics that differentiate the restaurants and paladares on this list.

  1. Paladar la Guarida
  2. Decameron
  3. Los Nardos
  4. El Templete
  5. Paladar la Fontana
  6. El Aljibe
  7. Paladar Salón Tropical
  8. Restaurante la Torre
  9. Rancho Coquito
  10. Restaurante Europa

Habaguanex restaurants are listed below

Al Medina Restaurant
Anacaona Restaurant
Baturro Restaurant
Cantabria Restaurant
Casa de la Parra Restaurant
Castillo de Farnes Restaurant
Coffee Tavern Restaurant
Conde del Castillo Restaurant
County Restaurant
Dominica Restaurant
Don Giovanni Restaurant
Don Ricardo Restaurant
Dos Hermanos Restaurant
East Café Restaurant
El Meson de la Flota Restaurant
El Patio Restaurant
Europa Restaurant
Factory Plaza Vieja Restaurant
Florida Restaurant
Garden of Eden Restaurant
Ivory Tower Restaurant
La Barca Restaurant
La Mina Restaurant
La Paella Restaurant
Las Palmeras Restaurant
Mercury Restaurant
Prado Restaurant
Prado y Neptuno Restaurant
Press Restaurant
Puerto Sagua Restaurant
Santo Angel Restaurant
Shack Restaurant
Square Restaurant
Still Life Wave Restaurant
Taberna El Molino Restaurant
Telegraph Restaurant
Temple Restaurant
Vuelta Abajo Restaurant
Zaragozana Restaurant

Cuba Junky goes even further with their extensive listing of restaurants in Havana.

Habaguanex also operates a number of cafes in Cuba.

Bar de Tapas La Abadía
Café el Escorial
Café Lamparilla
Café Neruda
Café Paris
Cafeteria La Barrita
Columnata Egipciana
El Café Lamparilla cumple su primer año
El Portal
Ice-cream parlour El Naranjal
Jardín del Oriente
La Dichosa
La Marina
La Muralla China
Las Columnas
Los Marinos
Marina Casablanca
Museo del Chocolate
Museo del Ron
Torre la vega

The Cuban government is experimenting with leasing state run restaurants to private entrepreneurs.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes in the article "Viva a food revolution":

"Havana is in the throes of a food revolution. Since Raul Castro succeeded Fidel in 2008, reform has gathered pace. He has lifted bans on mobile phones and computers, allowed Cubans to travel without exit visas, sanctioned the buying and selling of houses, and deregulated the small-business sector.

Business owners, farmers and construction workers can borrow from state banks, and rules governing private restaurant ownership have been loosened."


Fantastic list of paladares and restaurants in Havana.

Thank you. 

- Mariela Rodriguez - Miami

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