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Decameron Paladar

Decameron, possibly one of the best "paladares" of Cuba, is located in the ground floor of a two-story building at the corner of Paseo and Linea Avenues, in the Vedado quarter of the city. Its owner, a charismatic and enterprising lady in her late thirties named Niurka, has been one of the few survivors in the much beaten business of private restaurants in Cuba. She has managed to keep her restaurant in operation in spite of the harsh taxes, repeated inspections by greedy officials and low tourism seasons.

Decameron paladar front

Recently refurbished and expanded, the kitchen used to feature cheap Italian dishes while offering a few sophisticated fares on demand. Now, taking a whole new approach, she intends to serve a kind of top quality cuisine seen only in the most upscale restaurants in Havana, including the now closed and famous "La Guardia", from which it has taken its famous chef. 

Decameron paladar menu


The menu offers a repertoire of International dishes along the trendy "Fusion" plates based on the traditional Cuban cuisine. Prices tend to be on the upper range of the scale, with an average of 25.00CUC/head on a full meal, not including beverages from the well-stocked bar and wine cave. Service is efficient which is a refreshing change from the mostly indifferent waiters you find both in private and state-owned restaurants in Cuba.

Decamercon paladar clocks

The decoration could be a little less cluttered, but the combination of artists sculptures and paintings, old musical instruments and a collection of old Wall-clocks is far from annoying and, coupled with good air conditioning and lightning, the paladar offers a nice ambiance for romantic dates. There is also a selection of good cigars and rum.

Overall, a nice experience for a night out if you are not on a tight budget and want to sample a more tasty and sophisticated food selection than normally offered by the rest of the restaurants in Havana.

Decameron paladar inside

De nuestro bar 

- Jugos de frutas naturales $ 3.25 

- Agua natural  $ 1.50 

- Agua con gas $ 1.50 

- Cervezas nacionales $ 2.25 

- Cervezas importadas  $ 3.25 

- Refrescos nacionales  $ 1.50 

- Refrescos importados  $ 2.25 

- Daiquiri $ 4.25 

- Sangría $ 3.50 

- Mojito $ 3.50 

- Cuba libre $ 3.50 

- Cubanito $ 3.50

Entrantes fritos

- Ensaladilla rusa con ostiones y ajos tiernos $ 5.00
- Conito marinados de Costero rellenos de su huevo $ 7.50
- Seviche de Pargo $ 6.50


Entrantes calientes
- Pulpo templado con escabeche de papa $ 6.50
- Huevos de codorniz estrellados a la criolla $ 5.00
- Empanadillas de yuca con relleno del día $ 4.00
- Tartaleta de atún con vegetales y queso gratinado $ 3.50


- Sopa habanera al gratín $ 4.50
- Crema de calabaza $ 3.50
- Crema fría de pepino con camarones secos $ 4.50

- Pan hecho en casa $ 2.50
- Ensalada de vegetales frescos de estación  $ 3.50
- Arroz blanco $ 1.50
- Frijoles negros dormidos $ 2.50
- Vegetales salteados  $ 3.50
- Frituras de Malanga  $ 3.50
- Papas fritas $ 3.50


- Café express   $ 2.50
-  Café  con leche $ 2.50
- Café bombón $ 3.50
- Café cappuccino $ 2.50
- Café con hielo $ 2.50
- Café carajillo  $ 3.50
- Té caliente $ 2.50
- Té frio $ 2.50
- Manzanilla $ 2.50
- Menta $ 2.50



Si desea un plato en especial, con gusto le complaceremos!! 


Fantastic list of paladares and restaurants in Havana.

Thank you. 

- Mariela Rodriguez - Miami

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